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The Sheetz in Manchester is used for a break/snack stop on several cuesheets (e.g. Manchester Loop and Seven Valleys from ORR ride).
Robert Beaty reports:
"...the Sheetz in Manchester will close tomorrow for renovation “until at least September maybe October (2019)” said the clerk.
So that will not be a viable stop this summer."

See also the Carroll County Times article: … story.html
"The renovation of the Sheetz at 3281 Main St., Manchester, is set to begin this spring.
The store and gas pumps will be closed to customers during the renovation, and the company says the updated store will be very similar to the Westminster location on Md. 140 that opened in July. The anticipated reopening date is September."

Colder weather shortens Tuesday 3/5 ride to 32 miles.  See Calendar for details.

Feb-10-19 09:14 am
Category: Social

You can prevent double posting!!!
Forum posters should click Submit only once.  The forum is very slow to show the post, yet the post is immediately posted, you just don't see it.

Steve to Will Hudson wrote:

I made a forum post this morning.  After I clicked “submit” it took almost a minute for the posting to display.

However while waiting for the display, after about 3 seconds I opened a new BBC window and found the post was already up.  Yet the initial forum window still showed working for another 45+ seconds.

I can easily see how a user would be tempted to click submit a second or third time while waiting for the forum window to update.

Is the slow forum response a SystemSource hosting issue?   It seems that the actual post occurs immediately.

Will to Steve wrote:

It appears so.  Since we started using secure communications with the server response time seems to be up with the added load.

Revised start time is 10:30am for Piney Hill Loop on Friday 2/8/2019.

Ride added for Friday 11 January 2019 from MWP for 35-ish miles.
Ⓣⓦⓞ Ⓒⓘⓡⓒⓤⓘⓣⓢ Ⓕⓘⓥⓔ
Wind Thursday / Snow Saturday&Sunday ===> Ride Friday...
See Calendar for partial details.

Will there still be a footbridge one wonders? … 101d3.html
Gorsuch Mill Road Closure
After receiving public input this fall, Baltimore County has decided not to replace Bridge Number B-0071, the Gorsuch Mill Road Bridge over Blackrock Run. The portion of Gorsuch Mill Road between the bridge and Falls Road will be removed and the end of Gorsuch Mill Road on the Mount Carmel Road side of the bridge crossing will be modified accordingly. Appropriate signs will also be installed at the Mount Carmel Road intersection indicating Gorsuch Mill Road is not a through road.

I have reformatted cuesheet as a proper .xls file.
Should view fine now.

We have received significant rain this year and so many roads stay wet with runoff.  Now that it is below freezing at night, much of this runoff is icy.  Especially in the morning or on shaded sections.

Special concern from my riding are (click for map link):
* Dover Rd south of Tufton (behind 'Ripken's');
* Piney Grove Rd just north of the church at Butler;
* Belmont Ave northbound descent towards bridge  Some Salting done here;
* Knox Rd climb to Gent;
* Gunpowder Rd "S" bend before Beckleysville;
* Butler Rd WB climb before descent to Dover
* Park Heights SB climb before Walnut  Some Salting done here.

Nov-20-18 07:29 pm
Category: Technical

My brother-in-law reports the demise of his trusty commuter ride.  How many of you keep your receipts for 48 years?

One Mercier racing bicycle, age 48.
Born 1970.  Birth certificate attached.  I was 17 when I bought it.  Note the telephone numbers for the bike shop on the sales receipt.
Raced 1971-1973, including in the 1972 U.S. Road National Championships.
Commuter bike, 1973-2018.
Died today of a broken frame.

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